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Archery Tag has gone MOBILE!
We'll bring the latest and greatest game of tag to you!

Perfect for all types of indoor AND outdoor
parties, group gatherings, and events!

Archery Tag is played with rules and games that are similar to those of dodgeball; 
however, instead of balls the games are played with specialized bows and foam-tipped arrows
making it 100% safe and fun competition for your family and friends.

What to Expect
An hour prior to your booking, our staff will arrive and 
setup the archery arena and all of the equipment 
necessary for your participation. Prior to participating, 
players will be required to complete a waiver and staff 
will provide you with basic instruction on archery 
techniques and target practice. Wwill enter the arena 
to review the safety rules and to play a variety of 
adrenaline pumping, high activity games. 

What We Provide
We will provide you with all of the necessary equipment 
to play, including:
-archery tag arena
-20 bows
-20 face masks
-20 arm guards
-game specific equipment
-2 referees
-A minimum of 2 hours of play time

What to Bring
-Athletic clothing
-A pair of running shoes
-A water bottle

Size and Age of Group Booking
-Your booking includes equipment for up to 20 players
-We recommend that players be aged 10 and older 
so that they may successfully participate in the games
*Note: Players under the age of 18 require a parent to sign their waiver form.* 

Availability and Cost
Please contact us at to make
arrangements specific to your needs.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us at