Movie Showings                                                                                                            

Thinking of hosting a movie on the BIG screen?

Contact us and we'll bring our big screen to you!

Movie Selection
Choose from our selection of hundreds of movies, including pre-released
We have a wide range of movies to choose from so that you can
choose a movie that is appropriately tailored to your audience. Please
Audio Cine Films to browse our selection.

What We Provide
We will provide staff for the movie showing and bring our BIG inflatable
movie screen, a projector, DVD player, speakers, and the movie of your
Our staff will be responsible for the setup and take-down of
the movie. You may choose to charge an admission fee for your guests from
which you will keep all the proceeds.

What We Offer
We can run a variety of active and fun games for kids prior to the movie
showing. We can also setup a canteen that includes Toppers pizza, drinks,
and freshly made popcorn for your event. Standard canteen pricing is 
$2.00 per slice of pizza, $1.00 for a drink, and $1.00 for popcorn.

Contact Us

Please contact us for availability, additional details, or to make a booking.