Saturday Party Bookings 2017-2018

Required Ages:
Spartoon parties are for children 6 turning 7 and older.
Laser Tag parties are for children 6 turning 7 and older.
Archery Tag parties are for children 8 turning 9 and older.
Bazooka Ball parties are for children 7 turning 8 and older. 

Sat April 28th - Spartoon Only   
Sat May 5th - Lazer Tag Only
Sat May 12th - Spartoon Only
Sat May 19th - No Parties
Sat May 26th - Archery or Bazooka Ball Only
Sat Jun 2nd - Lazer Tag Only
Sat Jun 9th - Spartoon Only
Sat Jun 16th - Archery or Bazooka Ball Only
Sat Jun 23rd - No Parties
Sat Jun 30th - No Parties

Parties are not available during July or August. Parties will resume in September. Booking for September parties will be available mid-summer.

Please note: Due to time and space restrictions, we are unable to accommodate party options other than those specified for each date listed above.