Spartoon 2020

Update: Tuesday June 23rd, 2020:

Dear Parents,

It is with deep regret that I write to inform you that we have had to cancel the Spartoon 2020 camps due to lack of interest. Unfortunately we only have 80 spots filled out of the 384 spots we created. When the pandemic forced the cancellation of our original summer camps programs (Spartoon, Laser Tag and Bazooka Ball/Archery Tag Camps) we had over 500 registrations.

When the Provincial Government announced that Day Camps would be able to proceed for the months of July and August, our team felt very strongly that if we could possibly offer a camp we would.

The provincial Government Guidelines were released on June 1st. Our team reviewed the guidelines, met with the school board and consulted public health officials. We sourced personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer, disinfectant and thermometers all to ensure we could meet and exceed the guidelines required to ensure campers and staff safety. Our staff of 22 held a virtual meeting on June 6th to review all the guidelines and started planning activities for all components of the camp.

We informed the school board on June 8th that we were confident that we could provide a camp experience that was compliant with the provincial guidelines. However, we were only able to offer 384 spaces with 8 campers and 2 staff members per group. We decided to be as fair as possible, we offered early registration on Friday June 12th for all campers who were previously registered for our summer camps. We felt that the over 500 original campers were entitled to first opportunity to register.

We honestly felt that the camp would fill up and we would be able to offer camp to parents who need somewhere to bring their kids so that they can return to work and to get their kids back into some sort of normal routine. We wanted to help with our return to “normal” and get kids used to the type of changes they might expect to see when they return to school in the fall. Unfortunately, the demand for camps is not there. Understandably, many parents are reluctant to send their kids to a camp while there are still so many unknowns, financial concerns and fears of infection.

To make the camp financially viable (break even) we needed the camps to fill up. The high staff ratios, the cost of personal protective equipment, sanitizer etc. made this a must. Given the fact that we have had over 1000 campers in previous summers, we thought that 384 spaces we were able to offer would sell out quickly. Unfortunately this is not the case and I realize that you will need time for alternative arrangements to be made for child care for the summer. This is why we have decided to act to cancel the camp now. We may have had some more registrations over the next week but based on the rate of registrations we will not increase by 300 registrations by the end of June.

We will begin the process of sending refunds which should be able to complete the process by the end of this week. Please let us know if you do not receive your refund by Monday.

Kids Fitness League is a registered not-for-profit community group that was created to provide low cost options to help parents keep their kids active and healthy. We have been active in the community for 14 years and will resume our programming once we are permitted by Public Health officials to do so. Thank you for your past support and we wish you and your family's good health and our sincere hope that you remain safe.

Stay safe, be kind and stay strong.


Lloyd Armstrong


Kids Fitness League



A modified, physical distance camp, following the guidelines of the Province of Ontario and advice from Ottawa Public Health.

Our "Spartoon 2020" camp is a specialized camp that is planned in order to meet all of Ontario's Ministry of Health's guidelines for day camps. Our goal is to provide parents with a place to send their kids so that they can go back to work.

Although we will do our best to keep the kids active, engaged and having fun, we want parents to be aware that this will be a very different camp than what the Kids Fitness League is usually able to offer.

Camp Description

While maintaining social distance, kids will participate in a variety of sports, fitness, art & science activities.

In sports, we will focus on individual sports as well as the skills and drills for team games without playing the game itself.

Previously fitness would have involved activities such as tag games and dodgeball, but will now be more individual cardio, core strength & body weight fitness activities and challenges.

For art, we will still have a cartoonist who will be leading art lessons, but instead of in class lessons, it will be by video conferencing. Campers will learn step by step drawing of cartoons and will get to make a design for a custom t-shirt…an always popular part of our regular spartoon camp that we are happy we are able to retain.

Our science component will not be able to be quite as hands on as previous camps. We will still be able to continue some hands-on activities that the kids can do while remaining socially distant, but will also have an increase of demonstration type experiments and theoretical discussions.

Groups will also participate in some classroom games, ice breaker activities, crafts & more. Throughout these camp components, a large portion of each day will be spent outside where being socially distant can be easier.


Campers between the ages of 6-12 years are able to register for our program. We are not able to make any exceptions outside of this age range.


The cost of the camp will be $250 per child. This slight increase from our regular camps will help us recover costs from all of the additional costs associated with small staff to camper ratios, cleaning and PPE supplies.

Camp Dates:

July 6th-10th - July 13th-17th - July 20th-24th - July 27th-31st - Aug 4th-7th (4 day week) - Aug 10th-14th


St Mother Teresa H.S. - 440 Longfields

Holy Trinity H.S. - 180 Katimavik

Camp Hours:

Camp will run from 9-4.

Drop off will be between 9:00-9:30am and pick-up between 3:30-4:00pm.

There will not be any additional pre or post care.

Lunches & Snacks:

Our Meal Plan that we have offered in the past will no longer be an option. Kids must bring their peanut/nut free lunches and snacks with them daily. No sharing of food will be permitted.

More info about how we will be following the guidelines and new policies & procedures:

Drop-off & Pick-up

Each cohort will have a designated drop-off and pick up entrance/exit. Parents are not permitted to enter the school for any reason, but can bring their child to the door to sign them in/out with our staff while keeping their 2m distance.

Drop off will be between 9:00-9:30am and pick-up between 3:30-4:00pm. (Late fees will be charged for those who show up after 4:00pm)

Daily screening questionnaires (electronic) MUST be completed BEFORE your child can enter the school.

Group Structure & Roles

Kids will be placed in a cohort of 8 kids and 2 staff. Cohorts will be determined before the start of camp, and cannot be changed for health and safety reasons. We will be sorting cohorts by age in an attempt to be able to make activities and games as fair and fun as possible for everyone.

Each Cohort will have their own classroom to use as a 'home base' where they will do any indoor activities, have their lunch and snacks. We will spend a portion of each day outside. We will also have gym space that each cohort will get a chance to use daily.

Cohorts will never be allowed to interact with members of other cohorts during camp. Each site will have a supervisor who will be responsible for communicating with parents, ensuring all health and safety policies are being followed and documented.

Daily Screening

All campers, staff and anyone else required to enter the building, will have to complete our daily screening survey and included in that is recording daily temperature checks which can be done at home each morning. Anyone showing any symptoms of COVID-19, or failing to complete the survey will not be permitted to enter. If a camper develops any signs or symptoms during the day, they will need to be picked up immediately and will be isolated in an designated area while waiting for pick-up.

Management of Suspected COVID Cases

Any camper who develops symptoms during the day will be immediately isolated and must be picked up right away. We will then be contacting Ottawa Public health and following the specific guidance that they provide for that camper as well as the rest of the cohort. Camp participants sent home will be required to be tested for COVID-19.

If one child in a cohort has a confirmed case, everyone in that cohort would be sent home for 14 days (unless Ottawa Public Health advises us otherwise).

If test results are negative, that camper must not return to the program until 24 hours after the symptoms resolution.

Anyone who has been in contact with a ‘suspected case’ will be monitored closely until test results have been returned.

Social Distancing & PPE

All activities the kids will do, they will be encouraged to remain socially distant from the other kids and staff in their cohort. We will facilitate this by planning activities that can be easily executed. In the classroom for art and science activities, they will have their own supplies and will not be sharing with others. When it comes to sports, we will focus on some individual sports, as well as individual skills/drill/challenges that are a part of team sports, without playing the sports themselves.

Kids are not required to wear a mask, but if you wish to send your child with one, that is at your discretion. Children will be asked to wash their hands upon arrival, as well as numerous times throughout the day including before and after snacks and lunch.

The staff with each cohort will not be required to wear PPE at all times. If first aid needs to be administered or there is a situation where it is not possible for them to remain socially distant, then a mask & gloves will be worn.

Personal Belongings

Kids will need to bring their own water bottles (filling stations will be accessible but drinking directly from water fountains in the school will not be allowed), their own sunscreen which they must apply themselves, running shoes, and appropriate clothes for indoor and outdoor play each day. In their classroom, each child will have a designed area to keep their belongings. Please ensure that all items must be marked with their name.

Behaviour Management

With all the new measures in place, we are not able to have any volunteers at our camps like we normally would. The cohort leaders also will not be able to rely on direct and close support from other staff when it comes to behaviour management of their group. Our staff have lots of experience working with kids and the Kids Fitness League. We are all working together to provide as many resources and ideas as possible to make the camp fun & enjoyable for all. With this being said, we want to be up front that we are going to have to have a strict zero tolerance policy for campers who exhibit behavioural issues, especially children not following policies and procedures that exist for their safety and the safety of the other campers. If a camper is continually putting other's health and safety at risk, then the camper may be asked to not return to camp.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

With mandatory smaller child to instructor ratios, increased costs associated with extra cleaning, disinfecting, screening and extra space, we are operating our camp as a cost-recovery program.

If more than 2 weeks notice is given for cancellation, we can issue you a refund, minus a 15% administration fee, or you could transfer to another week without penalty (if spaces permit). If less than 2-weeks notice is given, we are not able to issue any refunds.

Unfortunately, if your child is sent home for any reason, including behavioural issues, exhibiting signs or symptoms of COVID-19, or because they have come in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case, we will not be able to issue any refunds a credit for next summer’s camps will be provided.

PRE Camp Zoom Meeting Question and Answer Period

We will be conducting a Zoom Meeting on Sunday’s before each new week of camp for parents whose children are enrolled in camp for the upcoming week. This is intended to review policies and answer any last minute questions. In addition, we will be sending an email with all pertinent camp info.

Please keep in mind we are doing what we can to help provide care for your children during these extraordinary times while most camps have chosen not to. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or by phone at (613)796-1740.

Stay safe, be kind and stay strong.


Lloyd Armstrong


Kids Fitness League